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Tips For Purchasing Wholesale Wedding Chair Covers


Funding and financing a large wedding is never inexpensive, but it is vital that you do a lot of shopping and comparing, before you actually make the commitment to purchase expensive items. There are many buying techniques that can help you save a lot of money, during this huge ordeal. Below you will discover what they are and tips that you should consider when purchasing wholesale wedding chair covers.

What is wholesale?

Wholesale is basically buying in bulk, which will potentially cut the price tags in half. These products are the exact same quality, design, and style that are available at your local department store. Most brands offer wholesale items, but there are some requirements that you will have to meet, before you will be approved to become one of their wholesale customers.

The Biggest Benefits of Wholesale

Truthfully, there are some very beneficial reasons that you should consider shopping wholesale for your wedding’s linen. The biggest benefit is undoubtedly the lower cost. Of course, there are a few other benefits that should be noted. Below, you will find the benefits of purchasing wholesale wedding chair covers.

• Lower Cost – Most of the time, wholesale items are products that could not be sold in the normal market. In order to make sure that the items are removed from their stock, the retailer will discount the items and sale them as wholesale. This can definitely help you get the chair covers needed for a decent price.
• One Stop Shop – When purchasing wholesale, you will not be able to purchase individual items. Instead, you’ll be forced to buy in bulk. Although this might be a negative in some sense, it can also help you get the needed decorations with less stress. With a single purchase, you’ll have the items you need and won’t need to shop elsewhere.
• Negotiations – Although this won’t ring true in all cases, you will sometimes have the chance to negotiate, when you shop in a wholesale manner. Do not be afraid to try and swindle down the price and sway it in your favor!
• Possibility For Free Delivery – By shopping wholesale, there is a major possibility that you’ll be able to get the items delivered to you for free. This can be very helpful, since you’re buying in bulk! Shipping and handling costs for a bulk amount of chair covers could be astronomical. With wholesaling, this can be free.

Typically, these are the most common benefits of shopping wholesale! Shopping in this way can help you spend less, while also relieving some of the stress of shopping around.

Negatives of Wholesale

There is very little doubt that purchasing wholesale can be beneficial, but there are also some negatives that should be accounted for. Make sure that you know the pros and cons, before agreeing to purchase wholesale wedding chair covers. Below, you will be able to discover the cons of purchasing wholesale.

• Bigger Capital Needed – When attempting to purchase in bulk, you’re going to need a bigger amount of money. You are forced to buy in bulk, during a wholesale transaction. Therefore, wholesale isn’t suitable for those working with a small budget.
• Few Quantity Options – During this type of sale, you are only going to be able to purchase in bulk. It is impossible to purchase ten or twenty items. In most cases, you’ll be required to purchase hundreds of chair covers. Depending on your needs and budget, this could very well be detrimental.
• Shipping is Questionable – It is vital to check the shipping policy, because not all wholesalers are willing to pay for the shipping. The items are already discounted and shipping bulk is expensive, which makes many of these companies deny free shipping. Be sure to check the company’s shipping policy, before making your purchase!

Wholesale shopping can be very beneficial, as long as it suits your needs. If it does not, it might not be worth the trouble! Remember to check the seller’s policies for cancellations and shipping, before finalizing your purchase.

Finding Wholesale Linen

If you’re interested in purchasing wholesale wedding chair covers, you’ll need to shop around and find retailers that actually sell wholesale linen. When you decide to take this approach, you will be able to find an assortment of different companies, with some being online and some offline. With this in mind, it is vital to consider the benefits of each! Below, you will be able to discover some locations where you can purchase wholesale linen.

• Local Boutiques – First and foremost, you should definitely check out the local boutiques in your area. If these stores have been unable to sell a specific type of linen, they’ll attempt to drop the price and encourage customers to buy. The lower price will most certainly get the items sold quicker. When you’re planning your wedding, this can prove to be very beneficial! Be sure to check the linens and see if anything sparkles. If it does, you’ve found cheaper chair covers for your wedding! If not, you should keep look and try other options.
• Flea Markets – While it is true that flea markets can be packed to the rafters with junk, you can sometimes find excellent items at these establishments. Shopping in person is always helpful and you shouldn’t be afraid to haggle with the dealers! By doing so, you might be able to get a lower price. Either way, you’ll want to look closely at their wholesale wedding chair covers to make sure that they’re in good shape and they have been created with superb craftsmanship.
• Local Auctions – Truthfully, local auctions can be hit or miss. You’re taking a gamble by even going, but purchasing can be an even bigger gamble. Do not be afraid to check out these establishments, but keep your expectations low. If some wedding linen comes up for auction, you shouldn’t hesitate to bid. If you’re outbid, at least you got to experience something fun and new!
• Online Auctions – Online auctions are a little more effective than local auctions. You’ll face more competition, but you’ll also find more of a selection. You’ll need to proceed with caution and research carefully to ensure that your covers are going to be worth the money. Take the time to read the reviews for the seller, before making your bid!
• Online Retailers – If you’re unable to find the right linen in your local boutique, you should consider looking for it in their online store. Their online stores will most certainly have more items to choose from, but you’ll need to take shipping time and expense into account.
• Hobbyists – There are some hobbyists that create wedding chair covers. If they’re unable to sell these decorative items, they’ll wind up trying to discount them significantly in hopes of finding a buyer! Be sure to check with these individuals, because you never know what you might find. As with online auctions, you should proceed with caution and research, before moving ahead.

By taking the time to check with each of these retailers and dealers, you’ll be able to find a large selection, which will ensure that you find precisely what you’re after. Just don’t purchase the first covers you find! Instead, shop around quite a bit, until you’re totally satisfied.

Compare Pricing

Before you agree to purchase wholesale chair covers, you will need to do a bit of compare shopping and pricing. Just because everyone seems to think that they can purchase wholesale items at a discount, it is not always so. Some big box stores and department stores can afford to sale particular items cheaper than a wholesale company.

Some wholesalers will price their products higher than big box stores, even though they declare themselves to be more affordable. Make sure that you take the time to visit your local department store, before you buy wholesale, because some of these businesses will have a large bridal and wedding product line for you to select from. Compare these prices with your local wholesaler, before you make your final purchases.

Wholesale License

You will first need to apply for an employer identification number, which will be acquired through the Internal Revenue Service. You can do this through paper application or on the official website, which will most likely speed up the process a bit. You will have to provide the IRS with a lot of personal data, before you will be approved for an employer identification number.

Once you receive your EIN, you will be able to apply for your state tax license. If you are approved, you will receive a sales tax ID number, as well. Take these two important IDs and apply them toward getting your wholesale license. While this may seem like a very timely process, it can truly help you save a lot of money.

Check around, before you actually apply for your wholesale license, because they may not be required in some states and circumstances. If you own your own business, you will most likely already have an EIN and a sales tax license, so it will not take you very long to receive your wholesale license, plus they can greatly benefit you and your business.

Bulk Purchasing

Buying bulk can definitely be very beneficial for your wallet, but every wedding accessory or décor will not need to be purchased, as a bulk order. Flowers, table linen, chair covers, and napery will surely need to be purchased in bulk, because it would not be affordable to purchase them, as a single order.

Before you agree to bulk purchasing, you need to sit down and decide whether or not you will be able to utilize all of the items. By this point, you will have already devised a supply list. This list should be explored to see if there are some items that you can purchase several months, before the wedding date. You definitely need to purchase the supplies that you are going to incorporate into your wedding centerpieces, as soon as possible. This way you will be able to jumpstart the DIY projects, because there will most likely be a lot of them.

Rental or Wholesale

Another wonderful tip is to do a comparison of wholesale prices on specific items and rental fees. Sometimes it is much cheaper to rent the chair covers than to purchase them from a wholesaler.

A rental company will sometimes offer a full-service package, which basically means that they will be fully responsible for placing the chair covers on the chair and collecting them after the event. This will definitely free up some time for you, since it means less responsibilities. You will also not have to be concerned about pressing, cleaning, and storing them, which can be very time consuming, so take this into consideration, before you purchase wholesale.

Renting the chair covers will most likely be your best option, but make sure that it is more suitable for your wedding budget. If you choose to go this route make sure that you hire a reputable rental company, because you definitely want the chair covers to be elegant and pressed for your special day.

Wholesale Closeout

Wholesale closeouts are a great way to save on products that have either been discontinued or a retail establishment is going out of business. Many seasonal items will go on sale, because the business does not want to store them. You can purchase these at a fraction of the initial cost. Many brands will substitute their products annually with an improved or higher quality replacement of the same type of product. This is a great opportunity for you to purchase high-quality brand products at a much cheaper cost.

There is one downside to purchasing wholesale closeouts and that is you will not find a large selection to choose from. Of course, if you are lucky, you will definitely find a suitable chair cover to incorporate into your wedding.

Storage Space

When purchasing wholesale, you will need to find the appropriate storage space for all of your purchased items. This can take up a lot of space, so you will need to decide, whether or not it is beneficial for you to purchase bulk. Of course, the price tag will be a lot friendlier, but do you have this excess space?

Most couples choose to rent their chair covers, instead of purchasing them wholesale, because they reside in a small apartment or flat. This will make it much more difficult to store the excessive quantity.

Spandex/Polyester Chair Cover

Spandex is a popular chair cover fabric, because it is very flexible and will cling perfectly to the chair. Spandex polyester chair covers will provide the same qualities, but they are a tad bit more durable. This type of chair cover is available online, as a wholesale closeout item. You may end up spending $2.50-3.00 each, if you are willing to purchase a bulk order or around 100. This will save you a bit of money, but it is a large quantity that will require storage before and after the wedding date.

The spandex polyester chair cover will have a sheer, shiny appeal, which may or may not be suitable for your wedding. Blue, red, black, white, and gold are the available colors, but be aware of the extreme glossy overlay. The white will take on a pearly sheer, which will definitely draw attention.

If you are willing to settle with this type of chair cover, you can always use chair sashes, caps, or tulle to decorate the chair and tone down the shimmer. These are suitable for barroom, banquet, and any chair that is similar in size and design.

Oversized Chair Cover

While the oversized chair cover continues to grow in popular among all formal groups, they are still available, as a wholesale item. Believe it not, you can actually purchase these over the Internet. Of course, you may be forced to stick with one particular color, but if you are willing to settle, then you can save yourself quite a bit of money.

The oversized chair cover will typically fit any type of chair, even a beach chair. These are constructed out of polyester and satin fabrics. The style and design of these chair covers are suitable for any formal wedding. The large size provides excess fabric, so that you can tie a knot into back. This will help secure them to the chair and prevent them from falling off. Use a floral bouquet, ribbon, or sash to conceal the knot from view.

Cleaning The Chair Covers

When you purchase wholesale wedding chair covers, there is a possibility that your covers will be dirty and could potentially have stains. Although this will create a little bit of a complication, you shouldn’t fret, because these covers can be cleaned and stains can be removed. Of course, it is vital to look at the specific type of fabric, which is used for your covers. Some can be tossed into the washer, but others take a few extra steps, in order to get clean. Below, you will be able to find specific tips for cleaning your chair covers.

• Satin – If you’ve gotten your hands on some dirty satin chair covers, it is crucial that you do not put them in the washing machine. Satin isn’t the most durable of materials and it is likely that the pressure from the washer will force the satin to unravel. At the same time, dryers are a bad idea and will only cause the stains to settle. It is best to clean these fabrics by hand. Find a big bucket and fill it with water and detergent! Allow the fabrics to soak, before you hand wash them and hang them up to dry. Once finished, you’ll want to use a steamer to get rid of the wrinkles.
• Cotton – Cleaning cotton is much easier, since the material is actually a bit more durable. In most cases, you will be able to toss your cotton chair covers right into the washer and flip it on. For the best results, you should make sure that these items are washed using warm water. Make sure the washer is set to normal cycle and regular detergent is used. Finally, the covers should be tumble dried on the lowest setting possible! A hot iron or steamer will remove the wrinkles significantly well.
• Polyester – Polyester tends to fall into the same boat as cotton! It is very easy to clean and can be tossed into a washer. When attempting to clean your polyester chair covers, it is a good idea to use the machine’s permanent press cycle and warm water is recommended! When tossed in the dryer, you should keep the heat on the lowest setting possible. In most cases, you won’t have to worry about ironing, but it is best to use a warm iron, if wrinkles are visible.
• Silk – Silk is another fragile material, which should not be tossed in the washer. Instead, you’ll need to put in a little extra effort and get your hands dirty! As soon as the stain is visible, you should begin blotting it with cold water. This will help tremendously, but extra steps may be necessary. For tougher to remove stains, you will need to fill a tub or bucket with lukewarm water. Use soapy water to rub the stain, dump out the water and repeat the process with clean water. Afterwards, the dress should be hung out to dry! An iron, which is on the coolest setting, will help to get rid of the wrinkles, but caution is required, since the material can burn easily and quickly!
• Organza – This is a material, which can be synthetic or natural. In most cases, your organza wedding chair covers will be synthetic. The synthetic version can be cleaned fairly easily, since it can be thrown into a washing machine. Make sure to use some gentle laundry detergent. The machine should be set to clean with warm water and to the gentle cycle setting. Once it has been cleaned, it can be tossed in the dryer. Using a dryer sheet is vital and will prevent excess buildup. Once the fabric has dried completely, an iron can be used to get rid of the wrinkles.
• Spandex – Spandex is a somewhat fragile material, which requires special treatment, in order to clean. Each cover will need to be washed very carefully by hand! Be sure to use cold water and mild detergent. Never use bleach, chlorine or any type of fabric softener. At the same time, the fabrics should never be allowed to rub together. Allow the linen to sit flatly, in order to dry. Wrinkles shouldn’t be a problem, so you should never attempt to iron the spandex!

Make sure that your fabric is clean and wrinkle free! In order to do this, you will be able to use the information above to find the cleaning specifications for your specific fabric.


If you’re going to be using banquet chairs for your wedding, it is imperative to decorate them beautifully, with the right chair covers. Since you’re going to need a large number of covers, purchasing wholesale wedding chair covers is usually a good idea. However, you should know all there is to know, before you agree to do so! Using the information above, you will be able to determine, whether or not wholesale shopping is right for you and your wedding! It is also wise to know how to properly clean the covers in case they arrive in a negative manner. This will ensure that they’re ready to beautifully decorate your wedding venue!

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