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Beach Wedding Centerpieces: Tips And Ideas

Beach wedding centerpieces are stunningly beautiful and can liven up a sandy beach much better than any type other décor. Most couples choose the beach, as their wedding venue, because it is a very isolated and romantic setting. There are many decorative items that can be incorporated into your centerpieces. Below you will discover several tips and ideas that will help you achieve your beautiful beach wedding centerpieces.

Tips for Beach Centerpieces

Just the thought of getting married, by the ocean is romantic in itself. This is probably why so many people love beach weddings. A beach wedding offers you a variety of choices, when it comes to decorations and centerpieces. By taking advantage of simple supplies and DIY techniques, you will be able to create some truly beautiful beach centerpieces that will match your wedding theme perfectly. Below you are going to find a few tips that will help you with your beach centerpieces.
Before you do anything, you are going to have to pick a color scheme that works with your beach wedding. Natural beiges, whites, soft pinks, yellows, pastel blues, and greens all make great colors for a beach style wedding.
Pearls, smooth rocks, starfish, and seashells really fit well into any beach centerpiece. It does not matter, if they are real or fake. When it comes to sand, it is always best, if you use authentic beach sand or pure white sand. Driftwood could also make a great addition to any of your wedding décor.
When it comes to choosing a container for your beach wedding centerpieces, it is always best to pick up an assortment of clear or lightly tinted glass containers. Metal and wood containers also work well. For a more unique look make sure that the containers all vary in size. Some good ideas for these types of containers might include wine bottles, mason jars, antique bottles, rustic lanterns, wooden planter boxes, vases, large bowls, or hurricane glasses. If you are going for a more rustic look, then you might want to utilize wood or antique bottles. If you are going for a classic beach style wedding, then you want to utilize vases and clean metal.
If you plan on using candles, then you might find yourself in a dilemma. The wind is probably going to keep blowing out the flame. One great way around this is by using battery-operated candles. You also have the option of using floating candles that can be placed in long cylinder vases. Just don’t fill the vase all the way up with water. Make sure the vase protects the flame of the floating candle.
If you plan on having a beach wedding, you should also keep the heat in mind. Some flowers do no thrive in the heat. You should probably speak with your florist ahead of time and find out which flowers are going to be more suitable for the hot temperatures and humidity. Or if you plan on doing the centerpieces yourself, you might have to do a little research to find out which flowers work best in this climate.
You should also keep in mind that if you plan on using tall centerpieces there is a chance that the wind could knock them over. You are going to either have to secure them down to the tables or just simply choose to go with shorter centerpieces.

Beach Centerpieces and Bright Colors

Most people think when you host a beach wedding you have to incorporate seashells and starfish into the centerpieces. However, this is not always true. Bold colored exotic flowers can also be another option that you can explore. Even simple and elegant flowers that can handle the heat and sun are also other great options.
Calla Lily
White themed weddings are very popular, because they just look so romantic, and simple. White works very well with beach theme weddings. The calla lily is a great flower to incorporate into your wedding centerpieces. If you choose white flowers, the stems will be very thick and bright green. This will prevent them from looking too thin and boring. Calla lilies can look absolutely stunning, if they are designed into the right arrangement.

DIY Elegant Beach Centerpiece

If you want to create a truly elegant beach centerpiece, then you should consider this fun little DIY project. Below you are going to find a list of things that you are going to need.
· Cylinder vases (1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small for each table)
· Pebbles
· Seashells
· Water
· Floating candles
You are simply going to place your three vases on a table and arrange them in order, from largest to smallest. The first things you want to put inside the vases are the pebbles. Only fill the vase around 3 inches high with pebbles. Once the pebbles are in the vases, you are going to insert some seashells. It doesn’t really matter how you put them in the vase or how many you use, but it is probably best to avoid using the same shell too many times, in one vase.
It is now time to fill the vases with water. Keep in mind that you are also going to use various levels of water, in each vase. Also make sure the seashells are emerged completely. After you have completed the above steps, you are ready to insert the floating candles. Be careful not to get the wicks wet, when you are inserting the candles into the mixture, because it can make them difficult to light.

Messages in A Bottle

If you are looking for a more playful centerpiece for your beach style wedding, then you should consider the message in a bottle centerpiece. Below you are going to find a list of things that you are going to need in order to complete this DIY project.
· Tinted Bottles (Use different styles, shapes, and colors of bottles)
· Sand
· Paper (You can choose colored paper for an even more playful look)
The first thing you want to do is line your bottles up on a table. You will now fill them with sand. It is probably best to fill them about halfway up. You are now going to simply roll your paper up and insert it into the top of the bottles. It will help if you play around with the paper to make it look like it has been used, by crinkling it.

Rustic Lanterns

There is nothing that says beach and nature than the rustic lantern. You can easily incorporate the rustic lantern into your beach wedding centerpieces. These are available in a limitless array of styles, sizes, colors, and materials. While most couples select the antique metal lantern, because it will add a little history to the wedding theme, you do not have to go this route.

Wood lanterns are also very popular and you shop around your local thrift shops or dollar stores, because there you will find several different types to select from. You can fill the lanterns with a floral arrangement, candles, sea shells, or a small fish net. However you choose to decorate the lanterns they will turn out absolutely stunning.


The ship steering wheel can also be placed on your reception tables, but make sure that you create a centerpiece arrangement and display that will surely capture the imagination of your guests and pull them into the beach scene.

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