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Ideas for Wedding Favors: Guide, Tips and More for Success

Isn’t it time to get serious about planning your wedding? Once you’ve got all of the difficult aspects out of the way, you will want to start looking at different ideas for wedding favors. Of course, there are several parameters to explore, before you jump right on these items. What exactly should you look for in wedding favors? Within this guide, you will find out and will also be able to explore a handful of potential ideas! Ultimately, the guide will help you find the best favors for your guests!

Tips For Success

Before you get into the ideas for wedding favors below, you should take the time to explore the characteristics of your upcoming wedding. How many individuals are going to be attending? Remember that you should ensure that everyone receives something! It is also helpful if you give everyone equal items. Therefore, you will first need to plan a wedding guest list. This will help you figure out the exact number of favors you need. Cutting down on your guest list can result in a less costly budget in this category.
Although one wedding favor might be a brilliant choice for one individual, it might not work well for yours. With this in mind, you will need to inspect a few different characteristics. Suffice to say, you’ll need to look at your loved ones! You should know these individuals better than anyone else! You should know exactly what they like and what they do not! Make sure that you take these things into account, when selecting favors!

How Much To Spend

When attempting to look up information about favors, it is highly likely that you’ll receive conflicting information. Some people will tell you to spend lavishly, while others will suggest spending very little! Neither is correct and neither is wrong. The truth of the matter is that your specific wedding should have a specific wedding favor budget! If you feel the need to spend lavishly, you should. If you don’t feel this urge, you should set a strict budget and stick with it! Either option is totally reasonable and acceptable, as long as your favors will put a smile on your guest’s faces.

Lovebird Salt and Pepper Shakers

Nothing says love better than a pair of lovebirds. This is an elegant gift to give as a wedding favor and it will actually be used from time to time. Your in-laws will not be able to pass judgment on a favor like this. This is without a doubt one of the most brilliant ideas for wedding favors! In fact, it will work for most wedding types!

Personalized Cylinder Candleholder

Everyone loves candles and they will definitely love the personalized cylinder candleholder wedding favor. This elegant piece will surely delight all of your guests. You can have the glass cylinder candleholder engraved with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date. If you want to add a little pizzazz to this elegant wedding favor, you should fill it with water gel and top it off with a floating candle.
At the commencement of your wedding reception, you can simply allow the guests to take them home, so they can incorporate them into their interior décor.

Caramel and Apple Favors

Have you searched high and low for ideas for wedding favors, but keep coming up empty handed? Well, believe it or not, you can never go wrong with a delicious apple. Now this is not to say that you are going to give your guests a raw apple, because it will be much more than that.
You will need to collect several items for this DIY project including:
• Green Granny Smith Apples
• Caramel Cream
• Peanuts
• ¼” Green Ribbon
• Veil Fabric
• 3” Mini Jar Containers
The first step of this process is to fill the mini jars with the caramel cream and then sprinkle the crushed peanuts on top of it. Seal the lid tightly, so no mishaps will occur during the transport. Sit this aside for a bit and grab your veil fabric. Cut a 12” square out of the veil fabric, but be sure to cut as many as you will need to supply everyone with a favor.
The next step is to place the caramel jar in the center of the square and sit the apple on top of it. Gather the material and pull it up to the top of the apple and tie it off with the green ribbon. Your beautiful caramel and apple favors are now complete.
A thing to remember is not everyone likes granny smith brand apples, so you can always utilize a few red delicious apples, as well. Just alternate them, so that everyone will have an option of which favor will suit their taste buds the best. Tie the red apples with red ribbon, so the colors will look more uniformed.

Customized Fortune Cookies

Do you really want to give your guests something that is creative and fun to take home with them? These little gifts are so great your guests may not even be able to wait until they get home to tear into them. You can place a bulk order of fortune cookies and replace the messages inside. You will have an endless amount of options to choose from, when it comes to deciding on what messages to add to the fortune cookie. You can even place these items inside a cute little favor bag.

Mix CDs

Chances are you will be having beautiful music played throughout your wedding. If you really want to give your guests a wedding favor that they will use, give them a mix CD of the songs that were played at your formal event. You can even throw in some songs that weren’t played, as well. Always remember that you don’t have to stop at the CD, because you can customize the case, as well. Include the names of the guests on the CD cover. It might even be a good idea to make sure the CD cover matches the theme of your wedding.


Do you want to supply your guests with a favor that they can take advantage of during the wedding? Then give them a bag of confetti. After you say your vows, you will surely be covered in confetti and your guests will be having the times of their life. You can even create your own custom confetti bag to store the confetti in. Always be sure to check with your venue ahead of time to make sure that they allow the use of confetti, because some venues disapprove of confetti use. You do not want to waste all of your time or money on something that you can’t use.


Once you’ve taken the time to scour through all of the great ideas for wedding favors, you’ve likely found a few that are good for your wedding. This is great! As long as you like the ideas and are positive that they’ll impress your guests, you cannot fail! Therefore, the information above should prove to be extremely helpful.

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